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Why We Are Different

Unique Development Model

Our projects are designed to deliver some form of useable functionality every 90 days. We involve the business partner at every stage to ensure a common understanding of business problems, and to make certain that the delivery conforms to their specific business needs. Prototypes are developed at the start of every major development initiative. Off-sites are used to train team members, facilitate effective team building and kick-start the development process.

Satisfaction from Delivering Value

Using talent and technology to deliver a solution that makes a difference also delivers great personal satisfaction. Following our vision of assuming only those tasks we can do exceedingly well, we concentrate on tasks that can provide the maximum business value and deliver the maximum impact to our profitability.

Global Teams

We work in distributed global teams spread across the world. However, while offshore is key, we don't underestimate the potential for close involvement and interaction to help achieve a successful solution. We have implemented the concept of the 24-hour development cycle effectively, reducing time to market and improving quality.

Use of Technology

We are not and will never be in the business of technology for technology's sake. We will apply the tools that yield maximum benefits to the business.

Our People

We have a unique people-development process that encourages:

  • Creativity and initiative
  • Working in small teams
  • Great learning opportunities
  • Hiring and working only with the very best.