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What We Look For

Great Expectations

Technology Concept/Application.

It is not only important that you know the technology on which we work, it is also important that you understand the concept(s) behind the technology and how that technology can be applied effectively to solve a business problem.

Problem Solver.

We look for people with a proven track record of providing innovative solutions to difficult problems. Critical reasoning and problem-solving skills are key requirements.


It is important that you communicate clearly the recommended design solutions, argue and improve upon suggested architecture and listen attentively to your team members.


You should be a self-starter with demonstrated initiative; an individual who sets high expectations for your team and even higher expectations and goals for yourself. Equally important is that you have the desire and ability to stretch yourself and learn from every project assignment.


We value a strong work ethic and positive attitude, and especially value those who can be counted on to embrace any and all assignments-especially the most challenging ones.


You are expected not only to be a team player, but to facilitate learning across your team, helping contribute to an overall learning environment.